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computer repair 

Rear & Front Camera

Your phone has a damaged rear camera, either not being able to take pictures or have a blurred outcome when taking pictures.

Touch Screen & LCD Display

Your phone has a cracked screen or a damaged display. Please note: Our repair is for the original complete screen module, including the glass digitizer, touch screen and display.

Unlock Service

We believe you should be free to use whichever network you choose. That’s why we offer an official factory unlocking service for almost all countries and networks, so you can use your phone the way you want to.

Wi-Fi, Antenna / Signal

If you’re having problems connecting or staying connected to wireless internet on your Android Smartphone you’re not alone. Our technicians can help.

Battery Replacement

Your phone has a battery which drains too quickly: You may need to charge your phone multiple times a day, which was not the case when the phone was new.

Power & Home Button

Your phone has a damaged home button which may be unresponsive or has intermittent functionality. Or have a damaged power button or have lost the full functionality of the button.

Charging Port

Your phone has a damaged Charging Port: The iPhone is not charging properly or is not being recognized by iTunes.

Earpiece & Microphone

Your phone has a damaged microphone: The recipient of your calls is not able to hear you, or has a damaged earpiece: You have difficulty hearing through the earpiece speaker or have intermittent functionality.